Custom-made 3 layer non-medical masks. Each mask is made with 2 layers of tight woven 100% cotton with 1 filter layer that is typically sewn in.  Masks are washable and can be ironed to make them look new again.  The wearer can adjust the elastic for a perfect fit.  A nose clip can be added for glass-wearers.

See Description section below for mask sizes.

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Sizing Chart:

XL – Large Men’s ( 6.25 in nose to chin; 5.75 in nose to ear)

L – Medium Men’s (5.75 in nose to chin; 5.25 in nose to ear)

M – Medium Women’s/Teenagers (5.25 in nose to chin; 4.75 in nose to ear)

S – Young kids/7-12 yr (5.0 in nose to chin; 4.5 in nose to ear)

XS – Small kids/ 3-6 yr (4.75 in nose to chin; 4.375 in nose to ear)

Additional information

Mask Type

2-layer with open pocket for filter, 3-layer mask

Mask Sizes

L – Medium Men's, M – Medium Women's/Teenagers, S – Young kids/7-12 yr, XL – Large Men's, XS – Small kids/ 3-6 yr


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